Brands I love; Doen

One of my favorite brands for the last few years is Doen. A women owned and women operated brand, started by the Kleveland sisters – Doen has now transitioned to fully organic and ethically sourced. The fabrics are to die for. From the softest washed cotton poplin Rainbow Plaid of my off the shoulder ruffle sundress, or the washed dobbies in their iconic Victoriana femme blouses. They have a beautiful sense of mixing vintage ideas with modern sensibility.

Doen uses sumptuous washed colors, such as those rust reds, ginger spice and turmeric colors mixing with shades of denim blues. The Doen Collective style is timeless, and the pieces are high quality and will never go out of style. The price point is on the high side, so being timeless means not so prohibitive as the items will become cherished staples in anyone’s closet.

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