Brands I love; Faithfull The Brand

I absolutely love the brand Faithfull. I am pretty addicted to ‘the printed dress’ and tea length dresses are something I love to wear, I’m 5ft 11, and have long legs and carry that length well – it’s also age and work appropriate for me. I fell in love with Faithfull on Instagram, and although the sizing runs very small – I purchased a Lavender floral dress with smocked sleeves and a deep V neck that was elegant and classy. A week later; Kate Middleton wore that very same dress at an engagement in the UK. The dresses by Faithfull are feminine with a modern girlish feeling. Sort of dreamy, and utterly feminine. They are not lined, and the price is quite high for an unlined dress, so that is something you have to be ok with – but I enjoyed wearing nonetheless. The dresses usually have some smocked detail, a smocked sleeve, smocked bodice or back. Another hallmark of Faithfull the Brand design, are billowy modern sleeves. The sleeves usually have a reverse puff, or ‘balloon’ shape. A vintage, victorian feel sleeve on a simple yet modern silhouette.


Growing up continents apart, travel brought Australian Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Norwegian Helle Them-Enger together. On the island of Bali, Indonesia, the two of them met and forged a friendship that would provide the opportunity to live the life of their dreams by taking the road less travelled. Together they bonded over their mutual love for fashion and style, but more importantly, the desire to see the world.

Together, they have conceived and developed a label for their customers, who just like themselves, desired to feel easily and comfortably chic and confident both on their travels and at home. With a focus on integrity and community, they’ve partnered with manufacturers in Bali to create hand-made garments for the modern woman and her off-duty life.

They the name ‘Faithfull’ for its warm, feminine appeal. They fuse Scandinavian simplicity with the Australian laid-back spirit and the island life ambience they have now have become accustomed to in Bali.

Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Helle Them-Enger OF FAITHFULL

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