Sara Louise Petty Market Bag by Apolis

My Go-To Saturday errand bag, by Apolis

“That tangible connection to a human, not a factory, he notes, illustrates the potential of business to help – even in a complicated, and corrupt business like fashion – and customers appreciate that.” – Forbes

As consumers, we became more ‘woke’ in the last several years. As the millennials and Gen Z became the major source of spending power, the ideals shifted in a much more positive way. Out with the old, and the waste and in with a more ethical and sustainable way of life. Many new fashion and accessory companies popped up with the new ideas and instead of mass-market made in China, we began to see the shift in companies wanting to ‘give back’.

Apolis is one of them. It started with a simple concept, a ‘market bag’. As soon as I saw that name, I was sold – as Saturday mornings mean my trip to the Farmer’s Market and the weekends are always filled with beautiful flowers and fresh, tasty food that is locally produced.

The Market Bag is a simple shopper in a natural Golden Jute fiber that’s harvested in Bangladesh. The handles are a soft, easy to carry, natural tan leather and come in either a long strap or a short handle. I chose the long strap to sling over my shoulders as I usually find myself with a Starbucks tray in the other hand (yes, I’m still working on that Starbucks addiction). The inside of the bag has a polyurethane lining. This comes in extremely handy when that punnet of Strawberries gets squashed, take it from me! A simple wipe, and it’s clean and the exterior doesn’t stain from leaks and mishaps.

What I love about the Market bag the most is the customization. You can pretty much print any text you like or do a classic monogram with a centered stripe like I chose (I love to Monogram my initials on everything even my Madewell jeans!). You can add a quirky fun phrase, or just be proud of your hometown or State and emblazon that on the bag. The bags are a steal at $68.00 and you can Afterpay too!

What’s so great about the bags, is that you can get a lot in them for groceries etc and it saves on plastic or paper bags at the store (which of course are bad for the environment and now you have to pay for).

The bags are made in Bangladesh by working mothers, all whom receive Fair Trade wages, profit sharing and a retirement fund. Here is a little about the Bangladesh Project:

You can purchase the market bags here:

Minnow Swim also did a cute collab with Apolis perfect for the beach. You can find their exclusive stripe bag here:

Happy shopping!

Sara Louise Petty

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