SLP’s Top Nail Trends for Fall-Winter 2020

When Negativity is a Plus!

A key trend for Summer returns for Fall-Winter 2020. Negative Space manicures, ie; the reverse manicure is a hot trend that looks modern, fresh and elongates the nails. A twist on a French mani, love the tips in bold ice white or mixed with geo patterns in Black or a bold Pop of Yellow. Confetti Designs, Fun dots, Crystal embellishments, or ‘outlining’.

Let’s make a positive trend out of a negative.

The Blues Crews!

Pantone’s Color of the Year is Classic Blue, a dark blue hitting on the spectrum between Light Navy and a Delft Blue. This blue is incredibly flattering on any skin tone, and you’ll see a sea of Blue in many retailers this Fall. The Blue trend crosses over to nails, too. In the Summer we all love our Essie ‘Bikini So Teeny’ cerulean shade but let’s go deeper for Fall. Classic Blues, Prussian Blue, Deep Teal, Navy, Denim blue and Sparkly Twilight shades feel perfect for the season. I also love it mixed with green for a preppy look. The frosted matte shades look even fresher.

I Do Blue, Do you?

Let The Sunshine In!

We all get a little seasonal sadness, much as I love my ‘happy lamp’ – color is another way to let the sunshine in! Bright, opaque yellow nails or yellow tipping or geo designs look fresh and never boring in dull weather. Yellow doesn’t suit your skin tone? Try Mustard for a more bohemian vibe. Try bright orange for a refreshing twist! Orange looks good on absolutely everyone! Deeper skin tones will carry both these looks beautifully.

Don’t worry, stay happy with these shades!

Black out or White Out!

The Black manicure isn’t just for Halloween or the Emo’s Not Dead look (Matt Cutshall keeps me entertained with his Emo videos!). I adore a Black mani for Fall and Winter for that high fashion vibe. The stark opposite Bright opaque White is also a favorite of mine. It looks so fresh and clean, and pops really well even with my pale English Rose complexion. Mix Black and White together for a bold geometric look.

Go monochrome for Fall!

Candy Apple Reds & Pumpkin Spice

Fall means a few things for me. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Muffins, Halloween costume planning and a trip to Stuart’s Farm for Apple Picking in the orchard. I’m so loving the rich shades of Apple reds and brick reds, and Pumpkin Spice for nails. What better look to wear with our chunky sweaters, skater jeans and retro sneaks? The Ombre and color changing reds work well here too.

I’m Falling for this trend (get it?).

What colors will you be wearing this Fall and Winter? Comment below!

Sara Louise Petty

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