Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2021 – Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze is the Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year for 2021. This woodsy brown, with a hint of military green in it, was picked by the color team of Sherwin-Williams just before our lives were turned upside down with a global pandemic. Despite Coronavirus, and the upheaval of the world, the team decided to stick with their choice because of the feeling that the color’s connection to the earth would help elevate the home as a sanctuary during such tough times. There is a duality to the color between urban and tough to being nature, outdoors inspired and soothing – so it can be used in a variety of ways.

The color was initially inspired from the Fall/Winter looks at Fashion Week, of the woodsy chocolate, warm dark grays and military olives which can turn into bronzed greens. The line between Green and Brown is often blurred, and this color can easily turn green depending on the room’s light or brown or almost grey.

The furniture world had already been embracing browns and greens, I was seeing mossy green velvets and brown or amber glass. I love Urbane Bronze in a kitchen, such as painted cabinets, along with silver or pale grey tones. It’s gorgeous outside in decks and patios.

Here I show some of the runway looks in shades of Grey Browns, Muted Olives and heading into Bronzed Browns, and move into some interior inspiration, and then how you can incorporate this color in your own wardrobe and home this season.



From painted kitchen cabinets to a velvet chair to a bold accent wall, create a sumptuous rich sanctuary in your home with Urbane Bronze, and accents of greens, gold and brown.


Sherwin Williams SW 7048, Urbane Bronze. A deep grey toned brown which can hint towards military olive, or a warm brown depending on your exposure.

This sweater from Vince is in the coziest cashmere yarn, with a cropped shrunken fit and oversized buttons in Heather Botanica.

These stunning heeled booties by Wandler in a sultry olive green, strike a mood of refined elegance yet with a urban edge with the squared off heels.

This Kassl belted jacket is modern and fresh with subtle puffer details.

I love this structural Sweater with shoulder pads, in a Deep Olive from Mango.

The double layer and mock neck of this 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater from seems very fresh and new for the season, and makes a great layering piece.

These Brownish Green Gucci Cargos with web interlocking stripe on the pocket will look very chic this Fall Winter with a tonal sweater, and sneakers for one color dressing.

These cool Zimmermann Flight Cargo Pants feature belted tabs at the hem for a modern flight pant feeling and have a great sheen to the fabric.

This Velvet Lingerie style slip dress by Zara is in the perfect shade of Urbane Bronze, which shimmers from Grey to Olive in the light, it features a low back and covered buttons.

A fresh crop: Faux Leather Culotte Pants from Zara in a deep chocolate will look new for the Fall season.

These gorgeous pull on Velvet block heeled booties are perfect in Urbane Bronze from Anthropologie .

These Chunky Lug soled Chelsea Boots from Anthropologie are a great casual boot for the season in an updated new color.

These high shaft boots from Zara feature a western heel with a scrunched look for a modern edge.

These gorgeous suede Bronzed Green scrunch boots from Zara feature a high stacked wood heel and a subtle pointed toe.

This Seamless ribbed Halter Bra and Panties are from Anthropologie are a great wireless alternative for WFH dressing.

Not green thumbed? This textured luxe velvet throw from Zara would add a touch of green to your home.

This recycled glass vase from Zara will add some extra greenery to your greenery.

Happy Shopping, and I hope you enjoyed this inspiration and thanks to Sherwin Williams color team for an inspiring Color of the Year 2021 choice!


Sara Louise Petty

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