Faded splendor; a flower’s swan song

‘Tis but a faded, dying flower,

But with what bliss it dies,

Reclining on her lovely brow

Before its fragrance flies.

— Robert C.O. Benjamin, “‘Tis But a Little Dying Flower,” 1883

Flowers fade as cellular activity ceases within the petal tissue in order to divert energy for the production of seeds. When I look at a fading flower, I see past something that is deteriorating to something that is in the process of renewal.

When somebody gives you, or you buy yourself flowers – it’s an instant joy! They lift anyones spirits and show you the person who gave them to you cares to make you happy. After a few days to a week, they usually wilt and start drooping. Like human beings, our splendor starts to fade over time. I love to watch a flower wilt, change color and shape. I find it beautiful, just how I love those little grey hairs on a man’s beard or the wrinkles and crinkles in a face that adds so much character. I find beauty in imperfections, which is rather ironic as I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to myself, my home or work.

Photos by Sara Louise Petty (shot with iPhone) of Tread Light Farms Dinnerplate sized Dahlias.

The dahlias in full, bright colorful bloom were the size of small plates with the cheery and vibrant colors of a candy cane. They made me so happy!

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