Bloom by Sara Louise Petty

Two of my biggest joys in life are taking photos and beautiful flowers. Whilst in lockdown, and sheltering safely at home with my kids I found myself a little bored. I am someone who really loves to work, and loves creating! I feel quite lost if I don’t have my head deep in a project. So whilst home, I did a refresh of my bathroom with a great new vintage inspired Medicine Cabinet in chrome (which turned out to be a much bigger ordeal than I imagined complete with mini fire and an emergency electrician!) and painted it (Cornforth White by Farrow & Ball), I repainted my hallway (Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball), and I refinished my terrace brick walls and painted the metal ceiling from nasty old aluminum – painting both in Pointing by Farrow & Ball. (I love Farrow and Ball paints, as they are produced from my home town!)

So, I kept myself very busy as you can imagine with all those projects, but I still wanted to create some photography. Street Portraiture is my favorite medium but considering nobody was traveling to the city, and the city was quite rampant with Covid – I decided to skip that for a while and focused on what I could enjoy taking pics of INSIDE when cozied up at home. These thoughts coincided with the fact that the Farmer’s Market had reopened! I was feeling joyous when that happened, even though it was preorder – I could go get my favorite Wave Hill Bread, or some fresh veggies and produce and best of all – my weekly farm fresh flowers from my favorite grower, Treadlight Farm.

Treadlight Farm are based in Kerhonkson, NY and they sell their flowers in Manhattan and also at local Farmer’s Markets in Westchester, NY. My son loves to pick me a bunch there (he will ask me for money and go pick some himself!) and there is never a bad choice. Every flower is utterly gorgeous!

When the market reopened, and I was buying my flowers I was inspired! I decided to start photographing my flowers, playing with light, color and composition and making art from them. Bloom is a compilation of my favorite images, and I will be for sure adding more as time goes on and it’s flower season once again.

Choose what makes your heart BLOOM…..


Sara Louise Petty

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