The Fabulous & Notorious R.B.G.

The iconic, pioneering feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away yesterday, September 18th 2020, as if 2020 couldn’t get any worse. Bader Ginsburg was a trailblazer. A miniature, delicate woman with a fierce and brave attitude. The world, and our justice system will miss this bright light of goodness.

In addition to Bader Ginsburg’s good work, and good fight she went about it in seemingly effortless style. Like any icon, she was bold in her fashion choices – her signature lace or beaded collars which brought a sense of personal style to her judicial robe, her wire framed or heavy rimmed glasses, her slicked back hair and her pearl earrings. Off the bench she was even more adventurous. She clearly was a fan of the statement necklace, which juxtaposed her petite frame. She experimented with bold prints, or opulent fabrics and she topped off an outfit with lace or net gloves. She had a playfulness about her style that contrasted her serious mission, and role. She was, in all aspects of her life, unafraid.

As my blog is primarily lifestyle and fashion focused, I won’t go into politics and why she was utterly amazing but I want to show some highlights of her incredible style.

Rest in Power, RBG.


Sara Louise Petty

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

(above picture) Here RBG shows off one of her signature lace collars, whilst wearing a fabulous (designer unknown) abstract art inspired dress.

Photographer unknown.

Here the fabulous RBG wore a Chinese inspired silk jacquard jacket with her signature large clip on earrings, and net gloves.

Bader Ginsburg never shied away from interesting patterns or accessories. Her signature statement collars added personality to her black judicial gown. Here she is wearing a tribal collar statement necklace with large metal clip on earrings.

RBG looking fresh in a white and aqua printed Emilio Pucci outfit complete with matching aqua blue earrings.

Little Miss Powerhouse; here RBG works out with a very apt sweatshirt. RBG was known to work out with a trainer twice a week and could bench 20 push ups (that’s 19 more than me!).

Chip Somodevilla/2011 Getty Images

Wearing fishnet gloves and a statement collar while hugging President Obama before his State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in January, 2011.

Photo: Karin Cooper

Earlier in her career, with her large wire frames. In a gilded caftan at the Shakespeare Theater Gala in Washington, D.C., in April, 1999. 

Bader Ginsburg was well known for her ‘all business’ slicked back hair, and her silk scarf hair ties (below) and she may of single handedly brought back the Scrunchie. She was known to have hundreds of Scrunchies.

Before the statement lace or jeweled/beaded collars Bader Ginsburg was known to wear lace ruffled collars or netted lace collars like the one above. She loved to infuse femininity with her genderless black gown.

In her classic black suit, judging by the lapels late 70’s or early 80’s with a touch of leopard and floral underneath and her signature brooch.

The same brooch was featured on many of her looks, I would be curious to know the significance of the brooch in her life. If anyone knows, comment below! Here she styled pretty gold fan shaped earrings, and a red beaded necklace with an impeccably tailored 40’s inspired outfit in black.

The Power Suit – RBG was dressing for success in the 60’s in this chic suit, looks like in a heavy knit, with color blocking and again, the brooch and hair scarves.

The fabulous RBG looking like Jackie Kennedy Onassis in this timeless striped sweater with white skirt, her hair slicked back and a white bag with contrast piping trim. Her shoes are on trend (now) with the Mary Jane straps and mini heels.

This polka dot housedress looked effortlessly chic on Bader Ginsburg. With oversized patch pockets and a loosely tied belt, she looks charming in a rare casual look.

Elegant in a vintage wallpaper inspired printed dress with petite ladylike framed handbag and her signature simply chic hairstyle.

Here, all in black, with a simple spread collar she exudes effortless style.

In a statement 60’s inspired two piece suit in the 70’s. The cropped jacket looks fresh with black trim and gold buttons, worn with penny loafers.

Bader Ginsburg in 1948, wearing a boyish fit suit with white tipped collar. Her hair shorter and curled in a more 40’s classic style.

At a casual dinner with a fun border paisley dress and chunky oversized beaded necklace.

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